Page Reorganization and Updates

Hello, everyone, and Happy Snow Day to my fellow Virginians!

I wanted to bring to your attention, dear readers, my newly  co-founded gaming review website, The Game Faces! The site features podcast-style reviews and articles by my friends and me. I'm really excited about this project because the group is an eclectic bunch that brings a variety of differing perspectives to the table when talking about games and the content within (the music reviews that are featured on my blog here will also be posted there). I hope you check it out and follow us regularly as we start to pick up steam!

Next, I have busy fixing up the website recently in three major ways:

  1. The news format is new! I decided to make it look more like my blog entries because, let's face it, the old way I was doing things was pretty archaic.
  2. You may have noticed that the menu bar has changed. New to it is the "Journalism" tab, which was born from splitting my old blog into multiple pieces for organization's sake. That tab features my reviews of other composers' works and the interviews I've conducted, while "Blog" will feature my remarks on my new composition drafts and journey through the game industry.
  3. All of my old blog posts are reformatted and the video links have been fixed. Since I split the blogs I'm going to have to go back and relink my internal posts, though, so that's still a little buggy.

I hope that the reorganization helps you navigate the site better and allows you to get to the content you want faster!

This was posted in the news yesterday, but I reviewed Brian D'Oliveira's music to Minority Media's Papo & Yo as a precursor to podcasting about the game in general on The Game Faces. I had also done a piece on Garry Schyman's classic BioShock OST in December that I failed to put on the news section, but now you know! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, though, you will certainly see those updates as soon as they happen.


- Greg