Site Construction; The Hard Modes; "Locurio 2"

You may have noticed that the homepage of this site has gotten a complete face-lift! With the unveiling of my new jazz/video game music ensemble, The Hard Modes, I decided to modernize that page and add some featured tabs.

The Hard Modes project is one that has technically been years in the making and I'm extremely excited about taking this critical step. Anytime that I teased an arrangement project on this site and my blog? This is what was cooking. Head over to the blog to read more about the group!

Not to be lost while there's more of a spotlight on The Hard Modes right now, I am also excited to be working on writing music for another escape room imagined by the Seattle-based puzzle group Locurio! A couple of years ago I wrote for their current room's featured game, The Vanishing Act, and they asked me to return for their new project.

By the way, I finally got to head to the west coast and play The Vanishing Act--it's incredible. Definitely head there if you're in Seattle; it's by far the best room escape experience that I've had (your bias alarm is probably going nuts right now, but you don't have to take my word for it: they have 5-star ratings on Yelp and Trip Advisor!).

Finally, I'm still playing regularly with my more traditional jazz group, the C'ville Jazz Congregation, in Charlottesville, VA. The other month I even fulfilled a life-long dream (not a hyperbole!) of purchasing a soprano sax! The pic to the left is from a winery gig I played a month or so ago.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by, and be sure to stay tuned as The Hard Modes project continues to be unveiled! Hope to see you at our debut show in September.

Time Jump! Two Years Later...

It's been so long since my last update that I'm a little embarrassed that I keep my website in my e-mail signature, haha. A few bits:

  • Check out what's been going on since my site edit via my latest blog post!
  • For some reason the Listening page's links went all haywire, so they've been fixed and new tunes have been added.

More regular updates to come this year. 2016 has started off fantastically, and I'm excited to continue sharing the goodness of it with you. Thanks for stopping by!


In the last week before starting my new full-time job, I've been doing a lot of game and site-related activities. First, head over to the Blog section to read my recap of MAGFest XII, which was posted on the 23rd. It's all about games, music, tournaments, challenges, and awesomeness; plus, it includes a lot of pictures!

This past weekend I participated in the 2014 Global Game Jam with my good friend and programmer Nicholas Wasilewski. Read about (and play!!) our game and our experience at the George Mason University jam site here. If you jammed, too, feel free to send me your game to check out, especially if you're an audio guy!

This weekend The Game Faces and I will be doing our video blog review of Papo & Yo, so keep an eye out for a post on that by Tuesday at the latest. If you missed it, I also did a review of the Brian D'Oliveira's soundtrack to the game.

I still have many posts to make, including reviews of a few different soundtracks, so stay tuned. Until next time…!

- Greg